Эта страница содержит список всех алхимических ингредиентов Скайрима и Солстхейма.


Существует несколько способов добычи ингредиентов:

  • Покупка у торговцев
    • Торговцы любыми товарами Apothecary merchants offer many more, each stocking:
      • Up to 15 common ingredients
      • Up to 10 uncommon ingredients
      • Up to 5 rare ingredients
    • Counter to intuition, your chances of finding a specific uncommon ingredient in an apothecary's stock are smaller than those for finding a rare ingredient. This is because there are so many more uncommon ingredients than rare ingredients, that: [(# of uncommon ingredients offered/total # of uncommon ingredients) < (# of rare ingredients offered/total number of rare ingredients)].
    • Some ingredients can be bought and sold only if the merchant perk has been unlocked on the Speech perk tree.
  • Already-harvested samples
    • You can find some ingredients on shelves or tables, in baskets, pots, etc., in various locations throughout Skyrim. They are typically plentiful in apothecaries' businesses and living quarters. Their owners may let you take the relatively inexpensive of these for free if you have done them favors. Mages and wizards around Skyrim, a concentration of which are people living at the College of Winterhold, tend to possess ingredients in their dwellings and rooms.
    • Some types of NPCs and enemies may carry ingredients on their person.
    • Ingredients can also be found in containers.
      • Certain barrels contain multiple copies of a common ingredient.
      • Apothecary's satchels always contain one or more randomly-selected ingredients (plus a 25% chance of containing a healing potion). These satchels are tagged internally in the game as of common-, uncommon-, or rare-type. Rare-type satchels always contain one common, one uncommon, and one rare ingredient.
  • Harvesting from plants
    • You can take ingredients from many of Skyrim's plants. Some of these are common and widespread, with thousands of plants growing in diverse areas, whereas others are quite rare and difficult to find. Once you have harvested a plant's ingredient, some or all of its flowers and stems disappear, allowing already-harvested plants to be easily identified. Harvested plants will later respawn, at which point you can again harvest their ingredients.
  • Collecting from creatures
    • Many creatures' body parts—meat, wings, heart, skin, horns, teeth, etc—are alchemy ingredients. When you kill the creature, you can collect the ingredient from its corpse.
  • Catching passive creatures
    • Various passive creatures can be caught to obtain ingredients, including bees, fish, dragonflies, torchbugs, and butterflies.
  • Growing plants in the homesteadsHF
    • With Hearthfire installed, areas of fertile soils can be added to the homesteads. These soils can be planted with a sample. The plant will grow into maturity after typically 2 days and there will be 2-5 samples of the ingredient on each plant (depending on the plant). The plant will not die and will respawn every few days after harvesting. However, not all plant ingredients can be planted. A list of plants that can be grown may be found here.

Обычные ингредиентыПравить

Эта таблица содержит список всех обычных алхимических ингредиентов в игре. Каждый ингредиент имеет четыре алхимических эффекта, изначально они игроку неизвестны. Первый эффект каждого ингредиента можно узнать, съев его. Попытка приготовить зелье (с помощью алхимической лаборатории) из двух или более ингредиентов окажется удачной, если хотя бы два из них имеют хоть один общий эффект. Если вам удалось приготовить зелье, вы получите информацию о раскрытых вами эффектах использованных ингредиентов, и она будет занесена в таблицу, показанную в инвентаре под изображением ингредиента. Кроме того, повысится ваш навык алхимии. Повышение навыка скажется на силе эффектов зелий, приготовленных в дальнейшем.

For ingredients added by the Dragonborn expansion, see this page. Ingredients added by Dawnguard and Hearthfire are included in the table below, but a quick list of all the ingredients each addon adds can be seen here (Dawnguard) and here (Hearthfire).

Название (ID) Первый эффект Второй эффект Третий эффект Четвёртый эффект Цена Вес Merchant Avail. GardenHF
[1] Abecean Longfin


Collected by catching Abacean Longfin fish.
[2]Weakness to Frost [3]Fortify Sneak [4]Weakness to Poison [5]Fortify Restoration 15 0.5 Common
[6] Ancestor Moth WingDG


Collected by catching Ancestor Moths.
[7]Damage Stamina [8]Fortify Conjuration [9]Damage Magicka Regen [10]Fortify Enchanting 2 0.1 None
[11] Bear Claws


Collected from various types of dead Bears.
[12]Restore Stamina(0.8×[13]) [14]Fortify Health [15]Fortify One-handed [16]Damage Magicka Regen 2 0.1 None (Uncommon)
[17] Bee


Collected from beehives and by catching Bees.
[18]Restore Stamina [19]Ravage Stamina [20]Regenerate Stamina [21]Weakness to Shock 3 0.1 Common
[22] Beehive Husk


Collected from beehives.
[23]Resist Poison(0.5×[24]) [25]Fortify Light Armor [26]Fortify Sneak [27]Fortify Destruction 5 1 None (Common)
[28] Bleeding Crown


Harvested from Bleeding Crown, a mushroom found in various caves.
[29]Weakness to Fire [30]Fortify Block [31]Weakness to Poison [32]Resist Magic 10 0.3 Uncommon 3
[33] Blisterwort


Harvested from Blisterwort mushrooms found in various caves.
[34]Damage Stamina [35]Frenzy [36]Restore Health (0.6×[37]) [38]Fortify Smithing 12 0.2 Uncommon 4
[39] Blue Butterfly Wing


Collected by catching Blue Butterflies. Often found during daylight hours near flowering plants.
[40]Damage Stamina [41]Fortify Conjuration [42]Damage Magicka Regen [43]Fortify Enchanting 2 0.1 Uncommon
[44] Blue Dartwing


Collected by catching Dragonflies found near rivers and streams below the snow line.
[45]Resist Shock [46]Fortify Pickpocket [47]Restore Health [48]Fear 1 0.1 None (Uncommon)
[49] Blue Mountain Flower


Harvested from the blue variety of Mountain Flower, found throughout Skyrim.
[50]Restore Health [51]Fortify Conjuration [52]Fortify Health [53]Damage Magicka Regen 2 0.1 Common 3
[54] Bone Meal


Collected from undead such as skeletons, and Draugr.
[55]Damage Stamina [56]Resist Fire [57]Fortify Conjuration [58]Ravage Stamina 5 0.5 Common
[59] Briar Heart


Collected from Forsworn Briarhearts.
[60]Restore Magicka [61]Fortify Block (0.5×[62]) [63]Paralysis [64]Fortify Magicka 20 0.5 Rare
[65] Butterfly Wing


Collected from catching Monarch Butterflies. Often found during daylight hours near flowering plants.
[66]Restore Health [67]Fortify Barter [68]Lingering Damage Stamina [69]Damage Magicka 3 0.1 Uncommon
[70] Canis Root


Harvested from Canis Root, found in The Rift and Hjaalmarch.
[71]Damage Stamina [72]Fortify One-handed [73]Fortify Marksman [74]Paralysis 5 0.1 Uncommon 4
[75] Charred Skeever Hide


Food, collected from dead Skeevers found on roasting spits.
[76]Restore Stamina Cure Disease (0.36×[77]) [78]Resist Poison [79]Restore Health 1 0.5 Uncommon
[80] Chaurus Eggs


Collected from Chaurus Egg Sacs, found in Falmer caves.
[81]Weakness to Poison [82]Fortify Stamina [83]Damage Magicka [84]Invisibility 10 0.2 Uncommon
[85] Chaurus Hunter AntennaeDG


Collected from dead Chaurus Hunters and Chaurus Hunter Fledglings.
[86]Damage Stamina [87]Fortify Conjuration [88]Damage Magicka Regen [89]Fortify Enchanting 2 0.1 None
[90] Chicken's Egg


Food, harvested from Chicken nests in various farms.
[91]Resist Magic [92]Damage Magicka Regen [93]Waterbreathing [94]Lingering Damage Stamina 2 0.5 Common
[95] Creep Cluster


Harvested from Creep Cluster, found in the volcanic tundra of Eastmarch.
[96]Restore Magicka [97]Damage Stamina Regen [98]Fortify Carry Weight [99]Weakness to Magic 1 0.2 Uncommon 5
[100] Crimson Nirnroot


Harvested from Crimson Nirnroot, found in Blackreach, needed for the quest A Return To Your Roots.
[101]Damage Health(3×[102]) [103]Damage Stamina(3×[104]) [105]Invisibility [106]Resist Magic 10 0.2 None
[107] Cyrodilic Spadetail


Collected by catching Cyrodilic Spadetail fish.
[108]Damage Stamina [109]Fortify Restoration [110]Fear [111]Ravage Health 15 0.25 Common
[112] Daedra Heart


Collected from dead Dremora.
[113]Restore Health [114]Damage Stamina Regen [115]Damage Magicka [116]Fear 250 0.5 Rare
[117] Deathbell


Harvested from Deathbell, found in Hjaalmarch.
[118]Damage Health(1.5×[119]) [120]Ravage Stamina(2.1×[121]) [122]Slow [123]Weakness to Poison 4 0.1 Rare 3
[124] Dragon's Tongue


Harvested from Dragon's Tongue, found in the volcanic tundra of Eastmarch.
[125]Resist Fire [126]Fortify Barter [127]Fortify Illusion [128]Fortify Two-handed 5 0.1 Common 4
[129] Dwarven Oil


Collected from destroyed Dwarven Automatons, found in Dwarven Ruins.
[130]Weakness to Magic [131]Fortify Illusion [132]Regenerate Magicka [133]Restore Magicka 15 0.25 Uncommon
[134] Ectoplasm


Collected from undead Ghosts.
[135]Restore Magicka [136]Fortify Destruction(0.8×[137]) [138]Fortify Magicka [139]Damage Health 25 0.1 Uncommon
[140] Elves Ear


Harvested from Dried Elves Ear bunches found in homes and camps.
[141]Restore Magicka [142]Fortify Marksman [143]Weakness to Frost [144]Resist Fire 10 0.1 Common
[145] Eye of Sabre Cat


Collected from dead Sabre Cats.
[146]Restore Stamina [147]Ravage Health [148]Damage Magicka [149]Restore Health 2 0.1 None (Uncommon)
[150] Falmer Ear


Collected from dead Falmer.
[151]Damage Health [152]Frenzy [153]Resist Poison [154]Fortify Lockpicking 10 0.2 Uncommon
[155] Fire Salts


Collected from dead Flame Atronachs, a type of daedra.
[156]Weakness to Frost [157]Resist Fire [158]Restore Magicka [159]Regenerate Magicka 50 0.25 Rare
[160] Fly Amanita


Harvested from Fly Amanita mushrooms, found in various caves.
[161]Resist Fire [162]Fortify Two-handed [163]Frenzy [164]Regenerate Stamina 2 0.1 Uncommon 4
[165] Frost Mirriam


Harvested from Dried Frost Mirriam bunches found in homes and camps.
[166]Resist Frost [167]Fortify Sneak [168]Ravage Magicka [169]Damage Stamina Regen 1 0.1 Uncommon
[170] Frost Salts


Collected from dead Frost Atronachs, a type of daedra.
[171]Weakness to Fire [172]Resist Frost [173]Restore Magicka [174]Fortify Conjuration 100 0.25 Rare
[175] Garlic


Food. Can also be harvested from Garlic Braids.
[176]Resist Poison [177]Fortify Stamina [178]Regenerate Magicka [179]Regenerate Health 1 0.25 Common
[180] Giant Lichen


Harvested from Giant Lichen, found in Hjaalmarch.
[181]Weakness to Shock [182]Ravage Health [183]Weakness to Poison [184]Restore Magicka 5 0.25 Uncommon 4
[185] Giant's Toe


Collected from dead Giants, which can be found in Giant Camps.
[186]Damage Stamina [187]Fortify Health (5.9×[188]) [189]Fortify Carry Weight [190]Damage Stamina Regen 20 1 Rare
[191] GleamblossomDG


Harvested from the plant of the same name.
[192]Resist Magic [193]Fear [194]Regenerate Health [195]Paralysis 5 0.1 None
[196] Glow Dust


Collected from dead Wisps and Wispmothers.
[197]Damage Magicka [198]Damage Magicka Regen [199]Fortify Destruction [200]Resist Shock 20 0.5 Uncommon
[201] Glowing Mushroom


Harvested from Glowing Mushrooms, found in various caves.
[202]Resist Shock [203]Fortify Destruction [204]Fortify Smithing [205]Fortify Health 5 0.2 None 5
[206] Grass Pod


Harvested from Spiky Grass, found in northern regions of Skyrim.
[207]Resist Poison [208]Ravage Magicka [209]Fortify Alteration [210]Restore Magicka 1 0.1 Uncommon 3
[211] Hagraven Claw


Collected from dead Hagravens.
[212]Resist Magic [213]Lingering Damage Magicka [214]Fortify Enchanting [215]Fortify Barter 20 0.25 Rare
[216] Hagraven Feathers


Collected from dead Hagravens. Can also be found scattered around their sleeping areas.
[217]Damage Magicka [218]Fortify Conjuration [219]Frenzy [220]Weakness to Shock 20 0.1 Rare
[221] Hanging Moss


Harvested from Hanging Moss.
[222]Damage Magicka [223]Fortify Health [224]Damage Magicka Regen [225]Fortify One-handed 1 0.25 Uncommon
[226] Hawk Beak


Collected from dead Hawks.
[227]Restore Stamina [228]Resist Frost [229]Fortify Carry Weight [230]Resist Shock 15 0.25 Uncommon
[231] Hawk Feathers


Collected from dead Hawks.
Cure Disease (0.36×[232]) [233]Fortify Light Armor [234]Fortify One-handed [235]Fortify Sneak 15 0.1 Uncommon
[236] Hawk's EggHF


Harvested from Hawk nests.
[237]Resist Magic [238]Damage Magicka Regen [239]Waterbreathing [240]Lingering Damage Stamina 5 0.5 None
[241] Histcarp


Collected by catching Histcarp fish.
[242]Restore Stamina [243]Fortify Magicka [244]Damage Stamina Regen [245]Waterbreathing 6 0.25 Common
[246] Honeycomb


Food. Collected from beehives.
[247]Restore Stamina [248]Fortify Block (0.5×[249]) [250]Fortify Light Armor [251]Ravage Stamina 5 1 None (Common)
[252] Human Flesh


Cannot be harvested or collected; with the Dawnguard plug-in installed, several respawning samples can be found in Volkihar Keep.
[253]Damage Health [254]Paralysis [255]Restore Magicka [256]Fortify Sneak 1 0.25 None
[257] Human Heart


Cannot be harvested or collected; limited number of samples available.
[258]Damage Health [259]Damage Magicka [260]Damage Magicka Regen [261]Frenzy 0 1 None
[262] Ice Wraith Teeth


Collected from Ice Wraiths.
[263]Weakness to Frost [264]Fortify Heavy Armor [265]Invisibility [266]Weakness to Fire 30 0.25 Rare
[267] Imp Stool


Harvested from Imp Stool mushrooms, found in various caves.
[268]Damage Health [269]Lingering Damage Health [270]Paralysis [271]Restore Health(0.6×[272]) 0 0.3 Rare 4
[273] Jazbay Grapes


Harvested from Jazbay vines, found in the volcanic tundra of Eastmarch.
[274]Weakness to Magic [275]Fortify Magicka [276]Regenerate Magicka [277]Ravage Health 1 0.2 Rare 3
[278] Juniper Berries


Harvested from Juniper shrubs, common in The Reach.
[279]Weakness to Fire [280]Fortify Marksman [281]Regenerate Health [282]Damage Stamina Regen 1 0.1 Common 4
[283] Large Antlers


Collected from dead male Elk.
[284]Restore Stamina [285]Fortify Stamina [286]Slow [287]Damage Stamina Regen 2 0.1 None (Uncommon)
[288] Lavender


Harvested from Lavender, most common in Whiterun Hold.
[289]Resist Magic [290]Fortify Stamina [291]Ravage Magicka [292]Fortify Conjuration 1 0.1 Common 3
[293] Luna Moth Wing


Collected by catching Luna Moths. Often found near flowers after dark.
[294]Damage Magicka [295]Fortify Light Armor [296]Regenerate Health [297]Invisibility 5 0.1 Uncommon
[298] Moon Sugar


Cannot be collected or harvested. Can be purchased from the Khajiit Traders.
[299]Weakness to Fire [300]Resist Frost [301]Restore Magicka [302]Regenerate Magicka 50 0.25 Uncommon
[303] Mora Tapinella


Harvested from Mora Tapinella mushrooms, found growing on dead trees.
[304]Restore Magicka [305]Lingering Damage Health [306]Regenerate Stamina [307]Fortify Illusion 4 0.25 Uncommon 3
[308] Mudcrab Chitin


Collected from dead Mudcrabs, found in or near bodies of water.
[309]Restore Stamina Cure Disease [310]Resist Poison [311]Resist Fire 2 0.25 None (Common)
[312] Namira's Rot


Harvested from Namira's Rot mushrooms, found in various caves.
[313]Damage Magicka [314]Fortify Lockpicking [315]Fear [316]Regenerate Health 0 0.25 Uncommon 3
[317] Nightshade


Harvested from Nightshade, found growing throughout Skyrim.
[318]Damage Health [319]Damage Magicka Regen [320]Lingering Damage Stamina [321]Fortify Destruction(0.8×[322]) 8 0.1 Rare 3
[323] Nirnroot


Harvested from Nirnroot, found near bodies of water throughout Skyrim.
[324]Damage Health(12.6×[325]) [326]Damage Stamina [327]Invisibility [328]Resist Magic 10 0.2 Rare
[329] Nordic Barnacle


Harvested from Nordic Barnacle Clusters, found in or near water.
[330]Damage Magicka [331]Waterbreathing [332]Regenerate Health [333]Fortify Pickpocket 5 0.2 Uncommon
[334] Orange Dartwing


Collected by catching Dragonflies found near rivers and streams below the snow line.
[335]Restore Stamina [336]Ravage Magicka [337]Fortify Pickpocket [338]Lingering Damage Health 1 0.1 None (Common)
[339] Pearl


Cannot be harvested or collected in the original version of the game; only readily available after the Merchant perk has been unlocked. WithDragonborn, they can be harvested from Pearl Oysters in Solstheim.
[340]Restore Stamina [341]Fortify Block [342]Restore Magicka [343]Resist Shock 2 0.1 None (Uncommon)
[344] Pine Thrush Egg


Harvested from bird nests in forested regions, in particular The Rift.
[345]Restore Stamina [346]Fortify Lockpicking [347]Weakness to Poison [348]Resist Shock 2 0.5 Common
[349] Poison BloomDG


Harvested from the plant of the same name.
[350]Damage Health(1.5×[351]) [352]Slow [353]Fortify Carry Weight [354]Fear 5 0.25 None
[355] Powdered Mammoth Tusk


Cannot be harvested or collected; only readily available after the Merchant perk has been unlocked.
[356]Restore Stamina [357]Fortify Sneak [358]Weakness to Fire [359]Fear 2 0.1 None (Uncommon)
[360] Purple Mountain Flower


Harvested from the purple variety of Mountain Flower.
[361]Restore Stamina [362]Fortify Sneak [363]Lingering Damage Magicka [364]Resist Frost 2 0.1 Common 3
[365] Red Mountain Flower


Harvested from the red variety of Mountain Flower.
[366]Restore Magicka [367]Ravage Magicka [368]Fortify Magicka [369]Damage Health 2 0.1 Common 3
[370] River Betty


Collected by catching River Betty fish.
[371]Damage Health(2.5×[372]) [373]Fortify Alteration [374]Slow [375]Fortify Carry Weight 15 0.25 Common
[376] Rock Warbler Egg


Harvested from bird nests in rocky regions, in particular The Reach.
[377]Restore Health [378]Fortify One-handed [379]Damage Stamina [380]Weakness to Magic 2 0.5 Uncommon
[381] Sabre Cat Tooth


Collected from dead Sabre cats.
[382]Restore Stamina [383]Fortify Heavy Armor [384]Fortify Smithing [385]Weakness to Poison 2 0.1 None (Uncommon)
[386] Salmon RoeHF


Harvested from jumping Salmon.
[387]Restore Stamina(0.4×[388]) [389]Waterbreathing(15.4×[390]) [391]Fortify Magicka (12.5×[392]1.05×[393]) [394]Regenerate Magicka 5 0.2 None
[395] Salt Pile


Food. Cannot be harvested or collected, but is commonly found in barrels and sacks.
[396]Weakness to Magic [397]Fortify Restoration [398]Slow [399]Regenerate Magicka 2 0.2 Common
[400] Scaly Pholiota


Harvested from Scaly Pholiota mushrooms, found growing on dead trees.
[401]Weakness to Magic [402]Fortify Illusion [403]Regenerate Stamina [404]Fortify Carry Weight 4 0.25 Uncommon 5
[405] Silverside Perch


Collected by catching Silverside Perch fish.
[406]Restore Stamina [407]Damage Stamina Regen [408]Ravage Health [409]Resist Frost 15 0.25 Common
[410] Skeever Tail


Collected from dead Skeevers.
[411]Damage Stamina Regen [412]Ravage Health [413]Damage Health [414]Fortify Light Armor 3 0.2 Common
[415] Slaughterfish Egg


Collected from Slaughterfish Egg Nests, found in or near water.
[416]Resist Poison [417]Fortify Pickpocket [418]Lingering Damage Health [419]Fortify Stamina 3 0.2 Uncommon
[420] Slaughterfish Scales


Collected from dead Slaughterfish.
[421]Resist Frost [422]Lingering Damage Health [423]Fortify Heavy Armor [424]Fortify Block 3 0.1 Uncommon
[425] Small Antlers


Collected from dead female Elk.
[426]Weakness to Poison [427]Fortify Restoration [428]Lingering Damage Stamina [429]Damage Health 2 0.1 None (Common)
[430] Small Pearl


Cannot be harvested or collected in the original version of the game; only readily available after the Merchant perk has been unlocked. WithDragonborn, they can be harvested from Pearl Oysters in Solstheim.
[431]Restore Stamina [432]Fortify One-handed [433]Fortify Restoration [434]Resist Frost 2 0.1 None (Uncommon)
[435] Snowberries


Harvested from Snowberry bushes, found in snowy regions of Skyrim.
[436]Resist Fire [437]Fortify Enchanting [438]Resist Frost [439]Resist Shock 4 0.1 Common 4
[440] Spider Egg


Collected from spider Egg Sacs and Web Sacs.
[441]Damage Stamina [442]Damage Magicka Regen [443]Fortify Lockpicking [444]Fortify Marksman 5 0.2 Uncommon
[445] Spriggan Sap


Cannot be harvested or collected; best source is merchants.
[446]Damage Magicka Regen [447]Fortify Enchanting [448]Fortify Smithing [449]Fortify Alteration 15 0.2 Uncommon
[450] Swamp Fungal Pod


Harvested from Swamp Fungal Pod, common in the tundra marsh of Hjaalmarch.
[451]Resist Shock [452]Lingering Damage Magicka [453]Paralysis [454]Restore Health 5 0.25 Uncommon 3
[455] Taproot


Collected from dead Spriggans.
[456]Weakness to Magic [457]Fortify Illusion [458]Regenerate Magicka [459]Restore Magicka 15 0.5 Uncommon
[460] Thistle Branch


Harvested from Thistle.
[461]Resist Frost [462]Ravage Stamina [463]Resist Poison (0.75×[464]) [465]Fortify Heavy Armor 1 0.1 Common 3
[466] Torchbug Thorax


Collected by catching Torchbugs. Found below the snowline after dark.
[467]Restore Stamina [468]Lingering Damage Magicka [469]Weakness to Magic [470]Fortify Stamina 1 0.1 None (Common)
[471] Troll Fat


Collected from dead Trolls.
[472]Resist Poison [473]Fortify Two-handed [474]Frenzy [475]Damage Health 15 1 Uncommon
[476] Tundra Cotton


Harvested from Tundra Cotton, found in Whiterun Hold.
[477]Resist Magic [478]Fortify Magicka [479]Fortify Block [480]Fortify Barter 1 0.1 Common 3
[481] Vampire Dust


Collected from dead Vampires.
[482]Invisibility [483]Restore Magicka [484]Regenerate Health Cure Disease 25 0.2 Rare
[485] Void Salts


Collected from dead Storm Atronachs.
[486]Weakness to Shock [487]Resist Magic [488]Damage Health [489]Fortify Magicka 125 0.2 Rare
[490] Wheat


Food. Harvested from wheat bushels, found in various farms.
[491]Restore Health [492]Fortify Health [493]Damage Stamina Regen [494]Lingering Damage Magicka 5 0.1 Common 4
[495] White Cap


Harvested from White Cap mushrooms, found in various caves.
[496]Weakness to Frost [497]Fortify Heavy Armor [498]Restore Magicka [499]Ravage Magicka 0 0.3 Uncommon 2
[500] Wisp Wrappings


Collected from dead Wispmothers.
[501]Restore Stamina [502]Fortify Destruction [503]Fortify Carry Weight [504]Resist Magic 2 0.1 None (Uncommon)
[505] Yellow Mountain FlowerDG


Harvested from the yellow variety of Mountain Flower.
[506]Resist Poison [507]Fortify Restoration(1.25×[508]) [509]Fortify Health [510]Damage Stamina Regen 2 0.1 None

[edit]Quest IngredientsПравить

These ingredients are of limited value for alchemy: some of them can't be used in alchemy (even though the game labels them as ingredients) and they have a very limited number of possible samples.

Ingredient Name (ID) Primary Effect Secondary Effect Tertiary Effect Quaternary Effect [511] [512] Merchant Avail.
[513] Berit's Ashes


This ingredient is given as a quest item. Its effects are all identical to standard Bone Meal.
[514]Damage Stamina [515]Resist Fire [516]Fortify Conjuration [517]Ravage Stamina 5 0.2 None
[518] Farengar's Frost Salt


This ingredient is given as a quest item. It is identical to standard Frost Salts, except for its name.
[519]Weakness to Fire [520]Resist Frost [521]Restore Magicka [522]Fortify Conjuration 100 0.25 None
[523] Fine-Cut Void Salts


This ingredient is given as a quest item. It is identical to standard Void Salts, except for its name.
[524]Weakness to Shock [525]Resist Magic [526]Damage Health [527]Fortify Magicka 125 0.2 None
[528] Jarrin Root


You may only receive this ingredient once during the Dark Brotherhood quest line.
[529]Damage Health (100×[530]) [531]Damage Magicka [532]Damage Stamina [533]Damage Magicka Regen 10 0.5 None